Hello world!

The infamous first program you ever wrote. seems fitting for my first blog post.

So why builds?

Hello and welcome! If you haven’t read the “About” page, I’m Spencer, and I like to build stuff. More specifically, I like to build software. Building software is not very glamorous, not always appreciated, and at times, can be rather aggravating. “Wait what, but you just said you like to do it?” That’s true, I do like it, a lot in fact. I find the combination of the physical, mental, and even sometimes emotional energy involved to be, fun, sort of, invigorating.

I enjoy the wide variety of verbs related to build: designing, developing, implementing, problem solving, planning, troubleshooting, debugging, firefighting, referee-ing, educating, learning, prototyping, playing, talking, walking, and the occasional handstand-ing, not necessarily in that order. And I find that almost every one of these is a really good skill to have in your everyday life. So the more I do these things at my job, the better I get at my life! Sweet!

And what’s with the “ninja”?

The build engineer, master, architect, guru, or whatever other adjective you choose to describe the guy, or gal, that does your build, is really a “behind the scenes” kind of job. They work in the shadows, silently destroying “problems”, before you even knew they existed. They are trained in the art of build-fu and tai-build-do, so when an issue does arise more publicly (build break), they attack with speed, agility and precision, resolving the issue and leaving the crowds in a daze.

“Who was that guy?”, “Does he even work for us?”, “How did he do that?”

The build ninja is an elite group. If you don’t know who we are, then we’re doing our job right!


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