When you fall…. Get back Up!

Skaters are slackers, potheads, trouble makers, miscreants, and/or drop outs… right?

Below is a video of my childhood hero Rodney Mullen, Iconic skater and godfather of technical skating, on the community of skating and what skaters do better than almost anyone else on the planet, getting back up!!

So lets try that again:

Skaters are committed, innovative, free thinkers, creative, passionate, determined, contributors, collaborators…

Wait… Aren’t those all qualities employers are looking for?


How biased are you really?


Sometimes we are more biased about something than we think. and sometimes it’s happening when we least expect it.

How biased are you being throughout your day? The below video shows how difficult it really is to “un-train” something that’s been hard-coded into us.

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

ALWAYS check your pockets!!!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. We went on a little family vacation last week and the internet access was not what I had hoped, and then I had a little mishap that left me phoneless for nearly a week! And I think I almost died!

Anyway, You know how the activity of swimming has always been surrounded by rules?

  • No running
  • No diving in the shallow end
  • No rough housing
  • Wait 30 minutes after eating

Well, I’d like to add a new rule to that list:

ALWAYS check your pockets!!!

After getting my two girls ready, and being distracted by an eager 1 year old to jump straight in, I descended the pool stairs and enjoyed an hour or so of relaxing, splashing, laughing, and general pool fun. And then my wife bumped into me and that’s when I noticed I had something in my pocket… (Play dramatic “dunt dunt done”)

My 6 month old iPhone 6 (64GB)!!!!!

Thankfully I have phone insurance and it is being replaced, but the loss of pictures and videos I had taken during our trip is the really agonizing part. I had cloud backup enabled, but only over wifi, which unfortunately the place we were staying did not have.

While I wait for the replacement device, the dead phone is resting in some rice, in hopes of being able to get enough functionality to retrieve my data, but  I don’t have very high hopes.